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What our clients say about Constellation.

“Out of all my years renting I’ve never met a person with a compassionate heart to help people when they are down. Especially with big corporations it always comedown to the money. I would personally like to thank Mr. Troy Simmons for havinga heart and extending his gratitude towards me during this time.”
De'rese G.
“Trying to get into a new apartment is hard enough, doing while living out of state is even harder. Thanks to all involved in making my journey effortless.”
Manny G.
“I have recently moved in and I can tell that the new management has made a huge effort in making Asana North Park a great place to live. Mai is one of the property managers at Asana and she has been superb.They are responsive and very helpful. The building is clean and the unit we moved into was in great order when it was time for us to move in.”
Steven L.
“Had a great experience with this company, they seriously think about their tenants and what's best for them, would gladly do business with them again. Zach and Agustin made a terrific job at helping me out whenever I needed.”
“I have been very pleased with how constellation management treats their tenants, I have lived at one of their swift/ North Park locations for a year and will be signing my next years lease, the other tenants here are amazing we have become fast friends and it is certainly a 13 unit apartment complex that has quickly become like one giant family.”
Cassie T.
“As a landlord I couldn't be happier with Constellation. I hired them about a year ago and they instantly took me from about 15% vacancy to 100% occupancy.  With the extra income they generated we have been able to upgrade my properties while increasing the income I receive.”
Robert D.
“We've only been with Constellation for a couple months and in that time we've been able to completely separate ourselves from the management process. The Constellation team is incredibly thorough and thinks of everything, we're so incredibly relieved and thrilled with the level of service we're getting. Thank you!”
Antonino Z.
“They are very on top of any requests I’ve ever had tomake. Joel and Kelsi are amazing! Jordan (one of their maintenance guys) is by far the best! Happy to be apart of a very responsive property management company.”
Stacy M.

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